The Second Annual New England Junglist Massive! 3 Rooms of Jungle

By M.A.D.E. Productions (other events)

Sat, Feb 27 2016 7:30 PM Sun, Feb 28 2016 2:00 AM

That's right everyone, we are back again, The Second Annual New England Junglist Massive!!! I know you've all been waiting patiently for the details so let's go over them, shall we?
~Let's talk about the Selectahs! ~
Random Movement (Innerground / Bassrush / Liquid V / Driven AM, FL)
Ever since climbing onto the soulful drum and bass vibe over 14 years ago, Random Movement, aka Mike Richards' production skills and DJ technique have pushed him to the forefront of state-side drum & bass—drawing in an audience both older and younger. His unique sound has been spread worldwide, with performances at major clubs and festivals across 4 continents.
Since the start of his career he has kept his head down and his nose to the grind, and 2015 has been no different. With a breakneck remix schedule for artists on labels such as Skrillex’s Owsla imprint and DUB FX’s Convoy, the melodies just keep on flowing from his fingertips. He has kept at his accomplished solo career as well as many collaborations with Marky & S.P.Y, JayBee, Redeyes, Dave Owen, Mixmaster Doc, Ben Soundscape (of the Insiders) and a few others too fresh to list. His tracks have turned many heads to his unique skillset in songwriting and production, infusing the soulful, smooth, deep and jazzy vibes that have landed him a lengthy catalog of releases on Innerground, Liquid V, CIA, Integral, Good Looking, Creative Source, Fokuz, Intrigue, Phuzion, Westbay International and more.
Between tours, production, a weekly live radio show on as well as a monthly podcast hitting its fifth year running, things are continuing to be very productive for this prolific producer. His uplifting Drum & Bass style and great personality are not something to be missed.
Machete (RESPECT Drum&Bass / Junglist Platoon, CA)
MACHETE ignited his musical journey back in 1992 as DJ Rob G,
spinning Hip-Hop at Hollywood afterhours events such as No-Doz, What?, and Caffiend.
The Los Angeles underground rave culture was in it's infancy and Rob was inspired by the techno-breakbeat music emerging out of England via vinyl records played by DJs Raw, Curious, and Oscar da Grouch.
These frantic bass-heavy beats that evolved from old-school breaks layered with HipHop and Reggae samples were intriguing and propelled him in a new direction.
Rob, encouraged by his peers, changed his professional name to Machete in 1994...
a title meant to evoke the nature of his mixing and cutting skills in relation to this new Jungle music.
As DJ Machete, Rob helped put Junglist Platoonon the map with gigs at nearly every Jungle party in the Greater Los Angeles area.
A brief residency with Los Angeles mega-promoter Insomniac, plus a noted mention in URB Magazine's NEXT 100 Issue (1998) garnered much attention. Rob was then featured on various dates of the infamous KungFu-Knowledge Tour of 1999, placing Machete alongside many of the world's best including DJ Craze, Mampi Swift, and the legendary Rob Playford.
Machete is well-traveled and has showcased his skills in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Vancouver BC, and in numerous cities and states across the continental US including New York, Philadelphia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Texas, Minnesota, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and many more. Machete also made history as one of the very first Jungle/Drum and Bass DJs flown to perform in Anchorage, Alaska.
In March of 1999 the Junglist Platoon began hosting a weekly event called RESPECT
with Machete in charge of talent bookings, promotions, as well as being a resident DJ.
In March of 2000, Machete organized a RESPECT one-off at the Winter Music Conference in Miami which successfully placed the RESPECT brand at the forefront of Los Angeles Drum and Bass.
After 15+ years, RESPECT is the longest running Jungle/Drum and Bass weekly in Los Angeles in addition to being one of the most successful clubs in the United States. RESPECT is globally known for bringing the best international and stateside talent and continues to do so after settling into it's fifth and most current venue, The Dragonfly in Hollywood.
In 2014 Machete is busier than ever with DJ residencies at RESPECT and MOTIVE EVENTS, spinning one-off events, booking DnB artists at Circle Talent Agency, hosting a weekly RESPECT DnB RADIO program,
and engaging production projects proving his versatility as an artist.
DJ Machete's longevity speaks for his talents, dedication, and determination which has surely solidified his place as a force in the world music scene.
Jaybee (Liquid V / Chronic / Innerground / Good Looking / Driven AM, FL)
Raised in Ct., now residing in Florida, Jaybee is definitely one to keep your eye on. With releases on Liquid V, Chronic, Good Looking, Mac II and a slew of other labels his music keeps going from strength to strength. Born to a radio DJ father he was raised listening to a wide range of music genres that led him to hip hop and later on, Drum and Bass. Always fascinated with watching the dj's in hip hop videos, Jaybee obtained his first set of turntables at the age of 13 and started playing hip hop. A few years later he was intrigued by a friends "techno" compilation and wore out the hit the decks megamix series tape and found his love in breakbeats which led him to a outlaw Jungle party thrown by Digital Konfusion. It was at this event that Jaybee first discovered Jungle while witnessing DJ ODI double set Ray Kieth's "Terrorist", discovering it was possible to incorporate hip hop skills into Jungle. Flash forward 17 years and you can find him doing a weekly show on every Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. est. as well as doing A&R for Stepping Forward Recordings or in the studio working on whatever idea may roll through his head that day.
His music has received support by the likes of Bryan Gee, DJ Randall, DJ Marky, DJ Storm, D Bridge, LTJ Bukem, DJ Vapour, A-Sides, PFM, Trex, Physics Random Movement among a host of others.
Run DMT (Kill your ego,TX)
Big Juana (BP2,NYC)
Matos & Lovelace (BP2, Destination Jungle, NYC)
Soappy (Tight Crew, CyberGroove,RI)
Bitcrusher (413DNB, L.T.D.,VT)
Op:Break & Elzwerth (M.A.D.E. Productions, M.I.A.DNB, Threshold Sounds, CT/MA)
Big C & Chernobyl Child (4orce Productions, Beatdown Productions, MA)
The Russian (413DNB, L.T.D., New England Junglists, MA)
Dunjin (M.A.D.E. Productions, Strictly Underground, CT)
G-Force (Scientific Sounds, Bonefish, ME)
MnM (M.A.D.E. Productions, Morlock Music, MA)
Vexed (M.A.D.E. Productions, MA)
Mo' Dakka (MA)
~Our ticket tier pricing will go something like this!~
We want to make this an event everyone can afford because we all love this music and this scene. That being said, we are doing a short run of $10 presales, followed by a limited run of $15 presales. There will be regular $20 presales available until the day of, and $25 at the door. ~What you can expect from us at M.A.D.E. Productions~
All 3 rooms will be equipped with big sound and lights/lasers, and of course, we will have our tank in the main room as well!!! Since we are going bigger than last year that means a slightly overkill, sound system in our main room from Supreme Sound and Lighting, with a MASSIVE VIDEO WALL, and tons of lights, lasers and goodies to keep you visually stimulated while you move your feet to that Jungle Beat!! There will be drink specials and craft beer on tap as well! Also, we will have vendors showing off their art, camo and clothing including custom print shirts made on sight with our Junglist Massive logo!!!