The First Annual New England Junglist Massive! ALL DNB/JUNGLE

By M.A.D.E. Productions (other events)

Sat, Feb 28 2015 7:30 PM Sun, Mar 1 2015 2:00 AM

The First Annual New England Junglist Massive 2-28-15


I wanna start off by saying thank you to everyone who has shown so much love and passion for this event just based on the title alone. You are the reason we are doing this! The idea was and always will be bringing together all Junglists world wide! That being said, the vast majority of this is New England DJs but we added some out of towners because lets face it, if this is about bringing together ALL Junglists then we need to include ALL Junglists from around the country to make it a real unity. We also understand that a lot of Junglists from New England didn't make this one and because of such we will be hosting a second one later in the year!!! Details & dates to follow on that. It doesn't change the fact that this will remain an annual. It will just be later in the year for 2016's event. Again, we thank you all for your patients while waiting and passion for this music and scene we all love. So without further delay OUR SELKTAS FOR THE EVENING!! 

LIONDUB - NY - Kool London UK Radio Host, Liondub International, Playaz, Earwax, The Agriculture, Lustre Kings, Irie Ites,  Subatomic Soundsystem, Irish Moss, Riq Yardrock, DTR, Hoodfamous Music

DJ Liondub comes correct. An authentic product of Brooklyn, his musical mindset was formed at the crossroads of major international bass vibrations originating from Jamaica, NYC and the UK. Inspired by the global rhythm culture emanating from the streets beneath his feet, Liondub has spent a lifetime pounding that very pavement in pursuit of his passion for bottom-heavy beats. Armed with raw talent, right intentions, a humble demeanor and the tireless determination of a true New Yorker, he began DJing back in '91. As a 17 year old sound system selector hustling in the Lower East Side of the Dinkins-era, Liondub embarked on a journey that has since taken him to the four corners of the dub diaspora; from Jamaican Roots Reggae to the Jungle depths of the UK, from high up on Hip-Hop to down-low on Dubstep. Along the way he has studied under great masters, paid untold dues and kept it Bed-Sty real in the name of music; all-the-while sharpening skills, developing expertise and establishing critical relationships across geographic and sonic divides. From NYC he criss-crossed North America and from London he conquered Europe, all the while cultivating roots in his home-away-from-home, Jamaica. Always armed with a current arsenal of jungle/dubstep & reggae dubplate specials, Liondub's soulful, explosive, unique, and precise sets have gone down a storm on stages shared by a lengthy list of legends and luminaries including Sly & Robbie, The Fugees, Sister Nancy, Johnny Osbourne, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, The Beatnuts, Smith & Mighty, DJ Kush, Afrika Baambaata, Jazzy Jay, DJ Hype, Andy C, Goldie, Pinch, Loefah, Kryptic Minds and Damian Marley to name but a few. Emerging from the shadows of giants, Liondub's mixes have moved him into the spotlight with recent podcast exclusives airing on and, home of the highly influential Knowledge Magazine. Between stints as a wax warrior one can find Liondub in the studio honing the flip side of his craft. His steady stream of productions converged with the with Toronto-based producer Marcus Visionary resulting in the launch of Liondub International. The label has been sending massive waves through the sub-frequency obsessed bandwidth, peaking (so far) with "The General" featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore, a riddim co-produced with Matt Shadetek of the Dutty Arts crew that has been tipped as one of the top Ragga-influenced dubstep tracks of 2009. So whether behind the decks as a DJ, behind the boards as a producer / engineer or behind the scenes as a label executive, event producer and record shop buyer, it is Liondub's uncommon ability to flow between these kindred yet surprisingly disparate musical spheres that distinguishes his creative vision and defines his professional ethos. What emerges from Liondub's wide angle view of Dub history is an improbable yet fresh way forward that balances the warm soul and raw spontaneity of a Kingston Dancehall sound system with the exacting precision of a London Drum and Bass technician. That's no easy mission, but one Liondub delivers on daily.

Also with support from 

Badboon B2B Sky 1 - CT/MA - M.A.D.E. ,4ORCE, Strictly Underground, Scorched

Bookum B2B Frydae - NH - Rare Form, EnfeKt, Akai/Numark, Jungle Sky, Nixon, Trigger House

Dig Doug - MA - 4ORCE, New England Junglists

Encee Fusion B2B Kevlar (*Konfusion*) - MA - M.A.D.E. ,Beatdown, 4ORCE, Unlimited Nation

Entropy B2B Vinyl Fatigue - NH/PA - BHPC, 761, Amen Assassins, Light it up, M.I.A. DNB

Green Jeans - MA - Mutiny, Supreme Sound & Lighting, New England Jungle

HoKilla - NY - Digital Terror Records, DNBC

Illikiwi - NH - Robot Haus

Kae Sharp - MA - M.A.D.E. ,413DNB 

Magenta B2B Miz-eyesis - NY/CT -  Faction Digital Recording, M.I.A. DNB,Threshold,, Konkrete Jungle NYC, Brooklyn Ghetto Attack 

Meszenjah B2B Skrilla - CT - Ill Magic, Awake Productions, Threshold 

Mike Bounce - CT - Destructive Dance, Missed The Exit Again

Mike Skillz - MA -, Beatdown,

Proper Dosage B2B Redshift - MA - 413DNB, LTD 

Stegga - VT - Rabbit Revolution, ECR, DRK

Subreaper B2B Twist of Fate - MA - M.I.A.DNB, Mutiny

Undrig - ME -, Digital Mercenaries 

There will also be a few MCs roaming from stage to stage doing their thing on the mics for y'all as well. 

Josiah Scribe - Boston - True,Cycle

Elijah Divine - MA - Threshold, Dirty Clanzmen, Zu ninjas, Spaceshot

MC Tell - MA - Beatdown, 413DNB

MC Casper Dopest Ghost - NY - United Bass Collective, 413DNB


We are gonna make this as affordable as possible, with a series of ticket tiers

Very Limited $10

Limited $15

$20 advanced & at the door but given the response, this event may sell out so make sure you get those tickets while supplies last!!!